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About Us

Established in 1988, the Temple Economic Development Corporation (Temple EDC) is a nonprofit organization that serves as the designated economic development entity for the City of Temple. Temple EDC is a one-stop shop for all things business development and works closely with community partners and the City of Temple seeking growth opportunities.

Temple EDC actively recruits capital investment and job creation by attending industry-specific trade shows and participating in recruitment mission trips in an effort to build relationships with site selectors and key decision makers keeping Temple, Texas top of mind state and nationwide. Locally, Temple EDC fosters relationships with existing industry and manufacturing employers with a Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) program. BR&E events include: quarterly existing industry forums, business appreciation luncheon, one-on-one lunch visits, and team TEDC tour visits.

Temple EDC owns four shovel-ready industrial and business parks known as the Parks at Central Pointe. The grouping consists of Airport Park at Central Pointe, Bioscience Park at Central Pointe, Enterprise Park at Central Pointe, and Rail Park at Central Pointe. In preparation for continued growth, Temple EDC invested in new infrastructure for the Parks at Central Pointe. In 2008 and 2009 the Temple Reinvestment Zone and the City of Temple invested a total of $22 million in new infrastructure to serve the Airport, Bioscience, Enterprise, and Rail Parks at Central Pointe.

Temple EDC works to enhance the economic development activities and quality of life opportunities for the businesses and citizens in the city of Temple.


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