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Mission & Vision

Mission: Strengthen relationships, build partnerships, and provide solutions that cause entities to choose Temple

Vision: The best place to do business in Texas and the South


  • Create and maintain high quality jobs and businesses in Temple
    • Develop strong relationships with existing industries to support job retention and business growth
    • Seek new business opportunities that leverage Temple’s current assets and support the achievement of the City’s economic development objectives
  • Be a leader and a catalyst for directed economic development and growth within the Temple community
    • Be a resource for Team Temple
    • Help create the transition to higher value jobs and advanced technology
    • Contribute to the development of transportation solutions that support the Temple’s development needs
    • Support entrepreneurial activity and continue to work with the Temple Business Incubator
  • Manage the pipeline of new opportunities for the Temple’s target industries
    • Execute and maintain a five-year comprehensive strategy and marketing plan for TEDC that defines the community’s target industries and development approach
    • Execute the plan in a professional manner that is a credit to the City
      • Meet “response time” and other staff performance objectives
      • Represent Temple in local, regional, state and national forums
      • Raise the state, national, and international profile of Temple
  • Create tactics and tools to guide effective and efficient TEDC operations
    • Maintain initiatives and appropriate “deal” parameters
    • Conduct Cost-Benefit Analyses to facilitate Board review of potential economic development deals
    • Review and report the infrastructure and financial support required for the success of TEDC initiatives
      • Establish and execute a defensible staffing and operating plan
      • Develop alternative funding mechanisms to support economic development activities
      • Maintain and develop a professional, empowered TEDC staff
  • Achieve measurable economic development objectives and report progress against these objectives annually to the TEDC Board of Directors
    • Annual job growth that exceeds the five year city average
      • New job creation vs. average
      • Job retention vs. average
    • Annual average wage rate growth that exceeds the five year city average
    • Annual tax base growth that exceeds the five year city average
      • Property tax base growth vs. average
      • Sales tax revenues vs. average
  • Communicate effectively and regularly with Team Temple
  • Whenever possible and appropriate, “Close the Deal”

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